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Daisy Beauty Center

الغبرة، مسقط تم إضافة الإعلان في 10:08, 28 مايو 2021, رقم الإعلان: 108902960

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Daisy Beauty Center can be located via Google and location is in Al Ghubra South/Bousher - near to Panaroma mall, Grand Mosque, located in center.

We are specialized in Hair Treatments i.e. Dandruff, Antifungal Scalp, Hair Fall, Hair re-growth issues, Thin Hair or density less and Hair loss due to Alopecia, Thyroid, post delivery etc We have special Scalp Analysing device and we analyse the scalp and treat hair accordingly, please visit Salon for free contact. Treatments are completely herbal with results oriented.
Also we are specialized in:
1. Facials
2. Waxing
3. Microblading
4. Eyelash Extensions
5. Pedicure and manicure
6. All types of Hair Cuts
7. Hair Colouring or highlights
8. Balayage
9. Global Hair Colour
10. Grey Coverage
11. Body Massage
12. Henna Designs etc
13. Keratin, Rebinding,Smoothning, Silk Hair Treatment, Hair Straightening.
We also provide home services too. All above are at very reasonable prices.
Please visit our parlour for FREE Eyebrows keeping this add as an screen shot saved.

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Fully Furnished Room with Attached Bath and Separate Entrance

150 ر. ع

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